The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Remembered or not, dreams occur in everybody’s sleep for roughly two hours each night. From the ones that feel indistinguishable from reality to the dreams that mentally vanish before you even open your eyes, the habit of dreaming is universal. We surveyed over 1,000 people across the country to understand what they dream about and how they […]

Counting Sheep and Losing Sleep?

It’s no secret that sleep is a key factor in a person’s health, mental fitness, and overall wellness. Adequate sleep has been shown to improve memory, extend our life expectancy, and improve our productivity. And not getting enough of it puts us at risk for chronic health conditions, makes us more accident-prone, and can even […]

Does Sleep Impact Work Habits

On average, we spend 26 years asleep over the course of our lifetime. Science suggests that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night – and for the most part, Americans are listening. In 2015, a report found that the average adult in the U.S. slept for eight hours and 50 minutes […]

Dirty & Dangerous

According to a recent survey, the most common complaint from hotel guests is noisy neighbors. The second most common? Filth. After all, when you go on vacation, you expect to be pampered, comfortable, and relaxed. At the very least, you want a clean, safe place to rest your head at night. You want to know […]

Sharing a Bed and Restlessness

Do you sleep soundly through the night, or do you often find yourself staring at the ceiling wishing you could be staring at the back of your eyelids? Whether you sleep alone or bunk with a partner, child, or fluffy friend, the company you keep at night could impact your sleep quality. We collected Fitbit […]