Amerisleep Mattress Foundation

Our specially designed 8.5-inch mattress foundation replaces a box spring and provides durable, consistent support to enhance the performance of your mattress.

The ideal foundation for peak mattress performance
Peg locking design

Our foundation uses a special peg-locking system for fast and easy assembly. You can build it in minutes—without any tools.

Encapsulated slat pack with non-slip surface

Our encased, solid-wood slat pack has the perfect spacing to support your mattress. Plus the non-slip fabric on top keeps your bed from sliding.

Upholstered side rails

Strong side rails with gorgous upholstery make any bedroom look great.

Optional wooden legs

Want to use the foundation as a free standing frame? Just attach these optional wooden legs.

Frequent Questions




Is a foundation necessary or can I use an Amerisleep mattress on the floor or platform bed?


Amerisleep mattresses are designed to be used on any surface (and even the floor). If you are putting the mattress or foundation on a slatted bed, make sure that the slats are no morer than 3” apart and at least 0.5” tall.


What are the dimensions of the Amerisleep foundation?



Twin XL




California King

74" x 38" x 8.5"

80" x 38" x 8.5"

75" x 54" x 8.5"

80" x 60" x 8.5"

80" x 76" x 8.5"

84" x 72" x 8.5"

*All sizes in inches, length x width x height


How easy is it to assemble the foundation?


There are no tools necessary to assemble the foundation. You can download the foundation assembly instructions here.


Can an Amerisleep mattress be put on a regular box spring?


You may. We just ask that you place a piece of at least ¾” thick, moisture resistant plywood on top of it before you lay the mattress down. This is to ensure maximum support and to stop any existing moisture from getting onto the mattress.

Fast & Easy Shipping
Assembled dimensions
Shipping box dimensions
38" x 74"
7.87" x 75.3" x 15.75"
Twin XL
38" x 80"
7.87" x 81.3" x 15.75"
54" x 75"
9.45" x 76.3" x 15.75"
60" x 80"
9.45" x 81.3" x 15.75"
76" x 80"
11" x 81.3" x 15.75"
Cal King
72" x 84"
11" x 85.2" x 15.75"

**All sizes in inches, length x width x height


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